Thursday, February 12, 2009

Smooth Away Review

I was asked to try this new product and write a review. I received the items in the mail and it was nicely packaged. It comes in a nice vinyl case for easy storage and you receive 2 applicators, one small and one large. Each applicator has 5 Flex-crystal replacement pads with a sticky side to attach to the applicators. The Flex-crystal pads are similar to fine grain sandpaper. There were also very detailed instructions on how to use the applicators as well as a tube of moisturizer that also helps slow hair growth.

I was impressed with the product as I have tried many of them. It is extremely easy to use and removed the hair as promised leaving my legs smooth. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I had no irritation from the flex-crystal pads as I had originally expected. I used the small applicator to do a few irritating areas on my face where unwanted hair grows and it also worked great with no irritation. Unfortunately, I used all 5 of the large pads to do my legs and discovered that by the next day the hair had returned. I really like the moisturizer. I'm not sure that it has slowed the growth process but it does work to keep my legs from drying out and becoming itchy.

This product costs $14.99 on the Smooth Away site. I'm not sure that I would purchase the product on a regular basis but I did like the way my legs felt after I was done. For the price it would be too costly for one time use. I do feel that this product does what it claims to do and there was no pain like I get from my epilator and definitely not as painful as waxing either. If you have the time and want to spend the extra bucks I would recommend using Smooth Away.


April said...

Cool I've been looking at that :D Thanks for the info

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