Monday, June 1, 2009


Got home late last night from the Dover race. We had a blast....I love the races and we took our boy's and my MIL to their first race. It was a long day but, we had loads of fun. There is always so much going on at the track. We watched the Speed channel pre-race show. Then we watched the motocross stunt bikes doing tricks, parachuter's and then on to the race.

Monster Mile Monument:

Pre-Race Show:

Stunt Bikes:


The Race:


Dwacon® said...

Been there...

Meghann said...

Very cool, looks like you had a great day, with great weather :)

FishHawk said...

I can't remember what year it was, but I got to be in Dover during race week while picking up an empty trailer at the Kraft plant a couple of miles from the track. I didn't get to actually see the race, but it was a thrill to see all of their transport rigs and hear them testing on the track when I went by going and coming.

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