Friday, October 24, 2008

Craft show

Well my mother-in-law and I have decided to do our very first craft show next year. So my post today is asking your advice. Any tips or tricks we need to know? Any "what not to do" advice?

For so many years I have gone to craft show after craft show and walked around thinking I should sell the things that I have made. Well now I am finally going to do it instead of just thinking about it. I am asking for all the help I can get to make our first experience as successful as possible.


Lenox Knits said...

There is lots of advise out there. I did my first big show a month ago and I have another coming up in November. I've blogged about my experiences if you want to check them out. My biggest advise is to know your audience. Have different price points. Figure out your display early. Don't just lay your stuff on the table, have different heights. Look for display items at garage sales and goodwill. It's lots of fun but nerve wracking.

Jean9 said...

As lenox knits has said in her post on her own blog, "Do not clutter" I know we like to put everything we have out on our table, but it gets too busy and so very hard for people to see what you do have.I have a show coming up on this weekend, I have been laying out at home to see just what I like and I find that I will be leaving a lot of things under the table!

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