Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not a Good Day

I know this is my craft page but I need to vent. I am a huge race fan and Dale Jr was just taken out by one of the biggest idiot drivers in Nascar today. I am one of the Kyle Busch haters but today Carl Edwards moved right up to the top of my list. I was so excited because Jr has been running up front most of the day and my name was one of the 10,000 Jr Nation fans listed on his car. Not a happy day for me!

Now that I got that out here are some great ideas for Halloween:


Lola said...

For all those Kyle Busch haters and at times Carl Edwards. I didn't know people agreed with me about Carl. He's a sometime idiot jerk.

A Kasey Kahne fan supporting Kevin Harvick for the championship because he's a funny son of a gun...especially when he gets mad. ala "joe nemechek can stick it where the sun don't shine" with a big smile on his face.

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