Monday, November 24, 2008


I am extremely frustrated tonight. I love to crochet but lately I have been trying to find additional crafts to add to my list of "Accomplishments". I just recently taught myself to sew and made new kitchen curtains and they turned out really nice (cheesing).
Here's where the frustration starts. I was not happy with just crocheting and learning to sew, I decided I needed to teach myself to knit as well. Mind you I am a very determined person and I am somebody who is determined to master anything I set my mind to. Well......I picked up a learning to knit kit at Walmart and started to teach myself. After 2 days I am just not getting it. Being the type of person that I am I will keep trying until I learn it but I am not a patient person. I want to master it now, not later. I guess maybe this is my lesson in patience....this should be an interesting learning experience.

This is how I am feeling right about now:


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Good luck! Do you know anyone who knits who can help you figure it all out?

spider said...

Learning to knit can be really hard if you don't have someone to show you. If I didn't live in Iowa - I'd be willing to stop by & show you.

Lacking one-on-one help? I've got an awesome web site to share - they have lots of videos - and even if it's not a person sitting next to you, it helps to see the "motion".

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